Mondi has collaborated with FRESH!PACKING to design a certified recyclable, reusable kraft paper cooler bag for the protection and transportation of chilled and frozen goods from a point of purchase to a consumer’s home – reportedly improving its cooling protection by up to 2.5 times.

Compatible with existing European waste paper streams, the Fresh!Bag’s kraft paper outer layer hopes to replace the multi-material packaging of traditional designs and increase their recyclability. The bag’s cooling element is made of pulp encased inside the kraft paper, and its handle loops within itself to form an open seal for extra security and convenience.

The design also has high stretchability and resistance to tear, meaning that different plies can be sewn together to carry large weights and sizes; as such, the bag can be reused by consumers. FRESH!PACKING now hopes for a roll-out of its Fresh!Bag across Europe.

“Fresh!Bag provides a genuinely exciting opportunity for retailers; it responds to the consumer demand for more sustainable packaging, while delivering convenience and durability for frozen and chilled goods,” says Alexander Baars, international sales manager, Speciality Kraft Paper, Mondi. “Sometimes we need to ask different questions to come up with new solutions – and by working closely with FRESH!PACKING we were able to create this innovative addition for the retail industry.”

Kevin Hendzlik, general manager and Fresh!Bag product manager at FRESH!PACKING, adds: “Mondi trusted in our idea and brought a wealth of additional expertise to the table. While developing Fresh!Bag, the team was able to easily identify the right opportunities and advise us throughout the process, helping us to achieve our sustainability goals of avoiding plastic waste and using material that contributes to a circular economy.”

Another cooling packaging solution from Mondi utilises corrugated board to keep food chilled below 7°C for up to 24 hours without using a cooling truck. The packaging is made from 100% recycled material and is itself recyclable.

Thomas Regenhardt, head of Packaging at HelloFresh, previously spoke to us about the company’s Paper Pouch, which features ‘air cushions’ between layers of paper with the aim of insulating and preventing water leakage. Its design is intended to hold food ingredients and ice packs close together.