Mondi has introduced its latest e-commerce innovation – a recyclable corrugated packaging solution to keep perishable food cool while in transit.

According to the company, the solution uses thermo-insulation to keep food chilled below 7C for up to 24 hours without using a cooling truck. Inner corrugated panels enclose the shipment from all sides, reportedly providing “enhanced insulation.”

Meanwhile, the pack is made from 100% recycled material, is recyclable, and gives users the ability to use different cooling agents.

For reasons concerning consumer safety, the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the e-grocery sector. PWC reports that, during the 2020 European lockdown, 28% of people in urban areas used online shopping as their main channel for buying groceries – a 10% increase compared to before the pandemic.

Furthermore, 80% of European consumers who started buying groceries online say that they plan to continue doing so.

“We are proud to introduce a reliable solution that is proven to handle all the challenges that online food retailers face. After having tested various scenarios, we came up with a formula for the perfect composition. BCoolBox means cooling trucks are no longer needed to transport food and we can play our part in reducing food waste,” says Sofia Backstrom, product innovation manager for e-commerce at Mondi.

“Our approach is to listen to our customers and evaluate their needs along the entire supply chain. Our aspiration is to create packaging for the e-commerce sector that is sustainable by design. This corrugated packaging solution expands our wide offer for the online food shopping market,” adds Tarik Aniba, sales and marketing director for corrugated solutions at Mondi.