Mespack and Famartec have announced their collaborative development of an integrated vertical form-fill-seal and cartoning solution for primary and secondary packaging in the pharmaceutical sector, designed to meet customer demand for a complete solution to address production needs.

Mespack’s vertical form-fill-seal machine is set to produce stick-pack sachets, which will in turn be grouped and inserted into a carton via Famartec’s cartoning module. The former reports that the solution will provide guaranteed synchronisation and compatibility for all line elements.

Designed with the pharmaceutical industry in mind, it complies with such regulations as GMP, GMP5, and FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11. It also claims to adhere to pharmaceutics-focused documentation such as DQ, IQ, OQ, RA, PQ, and EN1020 standard 2.1 and 3.1 material certificates. Customers can reportedly request certification for other types of documentation.

The development follows the similar expansion of Volpak’s Enflex PHS Series, which is expected to provide stick-packs and other flexible packaging for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. According to the company, the stick-pack solution is compact, user-friendly, and practical, all while maintaining protective properties against light, oxygen, and moisture for liquid healthcare products.

IWK Packaging Systems, Inc. has also released its VI 5 and VC 5 Vertical Cartoners to provide the pharmaceutical and health and beauty sectors with carton and tube filling solutions.

So, too, has Romaco Noack rolled out its Unity 600 blister packaging line for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors – expected to reach a maximum output of 600 blisters and 350 cartons per minute.