Respectueuse 28.06.2023

Cosmetics company Respectueuse has launched a product line using Sonoco’s rigid paper EnviroStick packaging, which is reportedly fully recyclable and composed of recycled cardboard.

Respectueuse says that it has two brand pillars: ‘my health’ focusing on its apparently 100% natural, certified and organic products and ‘my planet’, aiming to limit plastic waste with cardboard packaging for its products. 

The brand states the implementation of this packaging fits with these pillars but will also facilitate and drive-up recycling rates for cosmetics consumers in the French market. 

Myriam Reynaud-Cleyet, founder of the Respectueuse brand, said: “Sonoco is one of very few companies manufacturing 3-piece cardboard push up packaging in Europe, most similar packaging types are manufactured in Asia. Sonoco’s European presence has helped us to make our packaging more sustainable, while also reducing steps in the supply chain and our brand’s carbon footprint.” 

As a partner of the NGO Expedition 7th Continent, which has been campaigning against plastic pollution for more than 10 years, Respectueuse says that it is committed to limiting the use of plastic in its packaging. 

Reynaud-Cleyet added that going forward, Respectueuse is considering using EnviroStick packaging for sunscreen and other cosmetic and beauty products. 

Reducing plastic waste in deodorant packaging has also been a target for Dove, which launched its first refillable and reusable deodorant packaging in February, and in April Lancaster University fast-tracked the development of a refillable deodorant cartridge made of cork by start-up Let’s Rethink This.

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