Berry Superfos Beverage Systems has launched vending machine cups for both hot and cold beverages made entirely of polypropylene (PP).

Berry says that through the ongoing innovation of its manufacturing processes, it has been able to manufacture the mono-material cups, enhancing their recyclability in regions where there is appropriate recycling infrastructure in place for PP.

The PP vending cups are apparently suitable for hot and cold drinks. The cups are also designed to fit any vending machine model, according to the company, with availability in sizes 7 oz (180 cc) and 9 oz (250 cc).

Berry adds that the cups feature a safety brim fill gap, which means that there is little extra space at the top of the cup, allowing for contraction when held and preventing the risk of the drink overflowing. The company explains that this is especially helpful for hot drinks or soups.

Nigel Cannon, UK sales manager at Berry Superfos Beverage Systems, comments: “This is a huge step forward from the former polystyrene cups, a material that is not considered commonly recyclable due to a lack of recycling collection and infrastructure.

“In addition, the new PP cups are top quality and are produced with a minimum amount of material to ensure their low weight.”

Last month, Berry Superfos announced that it had incorporated 25% recycled PP into pots for Choví Group’s garlic mayonnaise brand.