Avery Dennison has announced plans to invest €60 million in expanding facilities in France and Luxembourg, with the goal of boosting manufacturing capacity and factory efficiency across its label and packaging material operations.

The company says that it is one year into a three-year expansion of its facilities at Champs-sur-Frac, France, which represents a €45 million investment. These enhancements will reportedly include five new logistical buildings covering more than 8,700 square metres, a new automated warehouse, and an additional high-speed hotmelt adhesive coater, scheduled to come online during 2024.

In addition, Avery Dennison is undertaking a €15 million project at its Luxembourg facility specialising in labels made with acrylic emulsion adhesives. According to the company, this project involves redesigning operational flow and adding a new emulsion speciality coater, which is expected to come online during the first quarter of 2023.

Avery Dennison claims that the expansions at Champs-sur-Frac and Luxembourg will enhance the reliability of service for its customers by strengthening the company’s network of manufacturing plants and distribution centres across Europe.

The expansions will also apparently further help the company to embrace Industry 4.0 practices that increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and free employees to perform safer, higher-value tasks.

Tim Presto, vice president of supply chain and operations, EMENA, at Avery Dennison, comments: “Our investments at Champs-sur-Drac and Luxembourg will allow us to meet customer demand now and into the future by freeing capacity throughout our European manufacturing network.”

Last year, Avery Dennison set out the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as part of its wider plans to reduce its environmental impact across its operations and supply chain.