ES: Could you give us some examples of applications that were successful in reducing food waste? 

TK: Coral Tray is a new packaging tray made of 100% recyclable corrugated board for transporting fresh produce like tomatoes. It balances the ability to see the fresh product, which is key for consumers, with stability for stacking and protection for the product. The robust corrugated board ensures the product is extremely well protected against damage both in the shopping basket or on the way home with the consumer. The open structure of the box allows air to circulate reducing the risk of condensation and mould forming. Earlier this year we also worked with Austrian meat producer Huetthaler to create a new fully recyclable plastic packaging for their meat and sausage products. The solution we developed minimises food waste by providing packaging that is air tight, with fat, oxygen, aroma and moisture barriers as well as reducing total raw materials used, all without compromising the attractive presentation of the food inside.