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  • corrugated

    A look at the global corrugated packaging industry


    The corrugated packaging industry is being affected by a diverse array of global trends, each driven by local efforts, innovations, and legislation. In this collaborative piece, TAPPI and AICC join forces with ACCCSA, Converter IT, and Corruga.Expert to explore the state of the industry across the globe.

  • pic-for-Fin

    The secret to success for refill and reuse packaging


    Refill and reuse projects generate plenty of media hype, and significant investment from major brand owners and retailers, but consumer uptake remains comparatively low. Could a solution to this issue be staring us in the face? In this article, David Knies, an innovation and growth strategy expert at PA Consulting, and Matt Millington, a design strategy expert at PA Consulting, argue that making packaging designs more beautiful could significantly boost consumer buy-in.

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    The key to packaging design success in the e-commerce era


    What is the ‘digital shelf’ and how can brands optimise their approach to take advantage of the opportunities it offers? In this insightful article, Howard Wright, Executive Creative and Strategy Director, at Equator, delves into the art of commanding attention in the e-commerce space, where the stakes are high, and the competition is fierce.

  • cardboard

    Honeycomb, moulded fibre and paper bags: still niche or going mainstream?


    As paper fibre continues to make inroads as the packaging material of choice for brands across a range of sectors, Neil Osment, Managing Director of packaging market research company NOA, takes a look at some of the more niche products that are gaining traction.

  • shopping

    Gender-based marketing: how brands can connect with female consumers without enforcing stereotypes


    In an era where the lines between gender identities blur and the call for inclusivity grows louder, brands are standing at a crossroads. How can they connect effectively with female consumers in a way that respects their individuality without falling into the trap of outdated stereotypes? Lejla Kurić, Design Director at Equator Design, tells us more.

  • unileverrr

    Unilever’s packaging sustainability goals get a major reality check


    Unilever – one of the world’s largest FMCG brands – recently made a number of major updates to its packaging sustainability objectives. Why has this move caused so much controversy, what does it actually mean in practice, and could it signal change across the rest of the packaging value chain? Tim Sykes, Packaging Europe’s brand director, tells us more.

  • pcr

    The ‘hidden danger’ of recycled plastic imports


    In this article, Professor Edward Kosior of Nextek and NEXTLOOPP tells us about the importance of control and verification mechanisms to safety for food-grade recycled content – and how the NEXTLOOPP project is achieving this.

  • IMG_1776

    Is the ‘plastic tap’ under pressure?


    On the final day of the 4th round of negotiations for the United Nations’ Global Plastics Treaty in Ottawa, Willemijn Peeters, founder of Searious Business, gives us an update on her highlights from INC-4 thus far.

  • leaf

    Deinking: Are Design for Recycling Guidelines keeping up with technological advancements?


    Recent years have seen a surge in demand for transparent and white recyclates, largely fuelled by Brand Owner commitments and anticipated European Union regulations mandating recycled content in all plastic packaging, as per the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation.

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    Can INC-4 tip the scales on plastic pollution?


    INC-4, the UN-led negotiating process that will eventually lead to the creation of a global, legally binding treaty on plastic pollution, started today. What can we expect from this process, and how can we ensure that real, concrete progress is achieved? Willemijn Peeters, founder of Searious Business, tells us more.

  • ottawa

    What to expect from INC-4


    Today marks the start of the latest step on the journey towards the creation of the United Nations’ legally binding treaty on plastic pollution – INC-4. To find out more about what that journey has looked like up to now, plus what we can expect from the event, we spoke with Erin Simon, Vice President and Head of Plastic Waste and Business at WWF – who is in attendance.

  • warehouse

    Can packaging and labeling meet the digital moment?


    Despite being critical to successful business operations, digital management of packaging, artwork, and labeling are often underfunded and undervalued – leading to costly inefficiencies and quality issues. John Blake, senior director analyst at Gartner, takes a look at how the packaging industry can address this issue.

  • wine

    Marking time: Staying compliant with new EU wine labelling requirements


    Starting in December 2023, important new EU rules came into effect around wine labelling. Since then, all wines made or sold in the EU must have all their ingredients and nutritional information listed on the bottle. What is the best way to comply with these new laws? Geoffrey Tarret, software solutions sales engineer at Markem-Imaje, tells us more.

  • melbourne

    European Adventures in Australian Packaging


    Packaging Europe’s brand director Tim Sykes was invited to speak at APPEX – Australia’s leading packaging and processing event – and jumped at the opportunity to learn from stakeholders about the direction of travel in the dynamic Australian industry. He found that now is an opportune time for inter-continental dialogue.

  • eu-uk

    How will the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation affect the UK?


    Matthew Kay, Glass Packaging Policy Lead at British Glass, highlights what the UK glass manufacturing industry is expecting from the PPWR.

  • Ton_Emans_Picture

    ‘Imports, lack of enforcement and control mechanisms turn EU recycling targets into question marks’


    March 4th 2024 promises to be a landmark day in the history of the European packaging industry. On this day, the last of the trilogue negotiations around finalizing the much-discussed Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation will be taking place. In this article, Ton Emans, President of Plastics Recyclers Europe, gives his views on why – and how – the EU should ensure the ongoing protection of the European plastics recycling industry in this context.

  • barrier

    Is barrier board packaging the future of the paper-based packaging industry?


    With pressure mounting from consumers, legislators and retailers for a reduction in the use of plastic in packaging, what role does barrier board have to play? Neil Osment, Managing Director of paper packaging industry analysts NOA, takes a look.

  • sorting

    ‘Breakthrough’ in polypropylene recycling could boost plastic packaging circularity


    A significant hurdle standing in the way of increasing the use of recycled plastics in food packaging is the risk of potential residues causing non-compliance with food safety standards. Professor Edward Kosior and Paul Marshall of Nextek and NEXTLOOPP claim to have found an innovative solution to this issue, which they outline in our latest comment article.

  • caroli

    A look at biobased alternatives to PET bottles


    PET is one of the most widely used and recognizable packaging materials for beverage and food applications. However, amid concerns from some sectors regarding low recycling rates in some parts of the world and the spread of microplastics, Caroli Buitenhuis of Green Serendipity argues that now might be the time to look into biobased alternatives. 

  • PG Ecoclic box

    Sustainability Awards 2023 Winner Interview: Procter & Gamble’s ECOCLIC box for liquid laundry capsules


    Following Packaging Europe’s Sustainability Awards which took place in Amsterdam this November, we spoke to Samantha King, vice president of research and development at Procter & Gamble about the company’s win in the commercialized Renewable Materials category with its ECOCLIC box for liquid laundry capsules.