Following two years of research and development, Emballator has unveiled a new recyclable plastic material: rPP Soft Grey.

According to the company, the new material is made of at least 90% recycled plastic, with 75% of that coming from post-consumer waste.

“Our focus in the work process has been the environment and to create a circular economy. The purpose of the new material is to offer products that have both high quality and safety standards, as well as minimized impact on the environment,” says Mats Jeppsson, innovation manager at Emballator Plastics & Innovation.

In comparison to its previously used fossil-based material, Emballator says the new material decreases carbon dioxide emissions, from the raw material to the finished product, by 56%.

Due to the light shade of the material, it also allows for offset decoration, meaning that customers can print directly onto the product without the need for a label.

“The advantages of rPP Soft Grey have influenced more customers to choose the new material. We are confident that a larger proportion of our customers will gradually switch to our recycled material rPP Soft Grey in 2021,” adds Richard Johansson, marketing and sales director at Emballator Lagan Plast.

The company plans to first launch its new material towards customers in the paint segment but, but says that thanks to a low or no impact on the product characteristics, the material can be used for many other product applications as well.