Danone is producing formula milk in a pre-measured tab format at Danone’s formula milk production facility in Wexford, Ireland, through a manufacturing partnership with Japanese food manufacture, Meiji. The exclusive memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Danone and Meiji covers the production of this format innovation through which Danone is combining its formula milk recipes with Meiji’s patented tab production technology.  

Jean-Michel Lequin, Director of Danone’s Wexford, Ireland, formula milk production facility, explains, “At Danone, we’ve seen how in other food categories – like coffee and culinary stocks – introducing portion controlled and dosed formats has been a game changer for consumers, who look for more convenience and ease. That’s why we’ve worked with Meiji to set up a production line for pre-measured formula milk tabs at Danone’s formula milk production facility in Wexford, Ireland to serve the UK market.”  

Following a successful launch of this format innovation in the UK, Danone plans to begin offering this new format in other countries in Europe as of 2022.