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The International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers, AEROBAL, has announced the winners of its competition for state-of-the-art aluminium aerosol cans.

A panel comprising of nine journalists from industry magazines awarded the cans that it perceived to be breaking new ground in terms of sustainability and design, as well as printing and marketing.

An aluminium can from Cien Deo came in first place in the ‘Sustainability’ category. Produced by the German can manufacturer Tubex, the winner is being described as “the first aluminium aerosol can printed with an eco-friendly and sustainable printing ink.”  According to AEROBAL, the ink used on the sleek deodorant container is free of GMOs as well as mineral, palm, soybean or coconut oils, and all binders used are from renewable sources.

The can itself is partially made up of certified PCR material and contains a patented alloy that reportedly makes it 6% lighter than its previous iteration. It also uses 60% less solvents due to its water-based coating lacquer.

“The issue of sustainability continues to play the central role in the aluminium aerosol can industry and, of course, in packaging in general,” said Gregor Spengler, secretary general at Aerobal. He went on to add:

“It’s remarkable and satisfying to see that even in times of crisis, the efforts and investments of our member companies have not diminished at all when it comes to sustainable concepts.

“Looking at this year’s competition, it rather seems to be the case that our industry is once again stepping up its efforts to create eco-friendly and environmentally compatible packaging solutions.”

Winners from other categories also placed an emphasis on sustainability. In the category of aluminium aerosol cans already on the market, the oil spray cans by Trivium Packaging Argentina for Cocinero Fritolim Oliva and Clasico stood out. These products are aimed at the health-conscious consumer that seeks to have more control over the amount of oil they consume, and come in recyclable aluminium cans made with recycled content.

According to AEROBAL, the brand managed to overcome any technical challenges relating to the shape of its cans and the way the design appears on them. Its cans successfully avoid distorting the image of the ‘iconic’ smiling chef who gives its products their distinctive look, while bright colours make them stand out to the consumer.

Finally, two aluminium cans called ‘Save the Earth’ and ‘The Matrix’ came out as the winners in the ‘Prototype’ category. The CCL Container manufacturers partnered with Sun Chemical to create an ultra-modern looking product that features a matt background with glossy designs. They achieved this look through the use of spot varnish ink technology, which offers a novel way to design cans made from aluminium by eliminating the need for traditional varnish. This is done by using an additive that acts as the varnish in the printing ink.