With the innovative Dymond D side shooter and a new edition of the Dymond S, Minebea Intec is now offering a modernised portfolio of premium products for horizontal X-ray inspection. With the addition of these devices, the leading supplier of weighing and inspection solutions wants, among other things, to make it easier for its customers to decide on which packaging materials to use.

For uncompromising quality assurance, the use of an X-ray inspection system as a critical control point at the end of the production line is essential. Particularly in the food, beverage and pharmaceuticals industries, having full control of all packaged products gives you a valuable opportunity to reliably detect foreign objects such as pieces of glass, stones, metal or plastic parts before the contaminated product reaches the consumer. Which X-ray inspection system is right for me? Alongside systems for bulk materials and smaller products, Minebea Intec now offers not one but two advanced innovations for tall, upright packaging. Both systems are designed for the reliable inspection of tins and Tetra Paks, for example, as well as other tall, upright packaging made from glass, metal or plastic. Both systems have been developed for use in highly automated processes and to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.

Dymond S and Dymond D – the perfect side shooters for easy installation and optimum inspection

With its horizontal X-ray inspection systems Dymond D and Dymond S, Minebea Intec has seized the opportunity for optimisation, reworking the safety concept with improved emergency stop-switches and relays. On top of that, the company has also launched a re-designed cooling system which is protected against water and dust penetration and therefore ensures the system is easier to clean. For systems in the Dymond S series, the Nema 4X cooler comes as standard.

As an extra bonus feature, the Dymond S also has a fully integrated 500 W Monoblock generator. This eliminates the need for active water cooling and therefore guarantees easier installation and maintenance. With the new generator boosting performance from 320 to 500 W, the system can now handle a higher throughput and even more precise inspection of products with higher densities.

What makes Dymond D stand out is its maximum detection performance. The high sensitivity of its powerful image processors, combined with intelligent image processing, means it is able to detect even those foreign objects that are positioned vertically or lay hidden at the edge or at the bottom of the container.

Highly automated processes and horizontal communication

For maintenance communication, statistical process control and optimisation of automated production processes, Dymond D and S are available with Ethernet, OPC UA, Modbus and SPC@Enterprise connection. Thanks to horizontal communication, these systems represent a first step towards Industry 4.0. The side shooters communicate with other systems along the production line to coordinate regular, automated and timely calibration.

Dymond D – uncompromising safety for better sustainability

With the new edition of its flagship Dymond D, Minebea Intec is hoping to send a positive message the food and beverage industries. “The Dymond D side shooter with orthogonal double-beam technology addresses the issue of viewing direction and makes the invisible, such as pieces of glass on the sides of glass containers and contamination beneath lids or in the base of containers, visible”, explains Dr Thorsten Vollborn, Global Product Manager at Minebea Intec. “Together with the flexible operating software for filling and volume control, this technology opens the industry up to more design possibilities for glass containers and container sizes, without jeopardising safety for consumers. We are delighted to be able to make it easier for food and beverage manufacturers to decide whether to use glass or other product packaging materials that may be more sustainable and practical.” To ensure easy and environmentally friendly cleaning, the design of the X-ray inspection systems already complies with the stringent hygienic design directives of the EHEDG, thus continuing the success of the Dymond series. These hygienic design features include polished steel housing, bevelled surfaces and the IP65 protection class inspection tunnel.