Walki has developed a recyclable, 100% PET-free ovenable tray made of renewable fibre with the aim of helping its customers comply with EU directives on single-use plastics.

The trays can stay in the oven for up to 60 minutes and are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including frozen or chilled ready-made meals, such as fish and baked goods.

The Walki Pack Tray solution can be used for folded and pressed trays and the inner part of the tray is available in brown or white, while barrier materials are kept to aminium to aid recyclability. 

“At Walki, we are eager to support the transition away from aluminium and plastic-based solutions towards fibre-based alternatives,” says Annika Sundell, executive vice president of innovation and business development at Walki.

“We are continuously working on increasing the fibre content in our products and with the launch of the new tray material we have taken a giant step forward towards mono-material solutions,” concludes Sundell.