TUBALL MATRIX can be used both as a reinforcing and as a conductive additive, so it allows manufacturers of composites to develop high-performance conductive, strong and lightweight products. Various examples of high-performance materials and end products containing nanotubes were on display at OCSiAl’s booth at JEC Asia 2017. For instance, composite gas pressure cylinders modified with TUBALL nanotubes are now being used for storage and transportation of compressed air and in breathing apparatus. TUBALL nanotubes provide conductivity, increase the СFRP cylinder’s maximum working pressure, fracture toughness, impact strength and damage resistance, and contribute to its light weight.

“Discovering the most promising innovations for the composites industry is one of the primary missions of JEC Group. The Jury of the JEC Asia Innovation Awards has concluded that TUBALL MATRIX is one such technology that is able to shape the future of the industry, because it meets the modern market’s demand for stronger, lighter and more energy-efficient products,” – said JEC Group representative.

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