At ProSweets 2019, Theegarten-Pactec will be presenting the MCH, a continuous operation 'two head' machine with flexibility and high-performance as its key features.

These two properties are especially useful to manufacturers with a product range covering seasonal products like chocolate eggs at Easter or chocolate balls at Christmas. 

Thanks to the modular structure of the MCH, producers can switch quickly and easily between different formats and wrapping styles. Also, this premium supplier's machine features gentle separate product handling across the plate and packaging feed in the removal head. Trade fair visitors can discover the advantages in Hall 10.1 on Stand G20/H29.

A product range including seasonal confectionery requires flexible and rapid operation machinery. Why? Because products can differ in both format and wrapping style and also because large quantities need to be produced in a short time. An MCH packaging machine from Theegarten-Pactec satisfies all these requirements and makes it unnecessary to invest in various different machines. In order to show trade fair visitors two wrapping styles and at the same time demonstrate the flexibility of the machine, the Dresden-based packaging specialists are displaying two exhibits on Stand G20/H29 in Hall 10.1. The first MCH packs 20 millimetre chocolate balls in double twist wrapping while the second machine wraps identical balls in aluminium foil. Throughput is 1,200 products per minute. During operation on the confectionery manufacturer's site, retooling between the two wrapping styles and/or product formats takes two to six hours. The time needed for this ultimately depends greatly on the wrapping styles involved in the switch and on whether the product format changes at the same time. This latest innovative advance by Theegarten-Pactec makes for short downtimes combined with a high degree of flexibility.

Packaging process handles products gentlyThe continuous motion principle of the two-head MCH is particularly suited to delicate products because of two other properties. Small-format confectionery items fall gently into counter moulds of the separating plate, which protects them and prevents surface scratches. Also, the wrapping material is fed straight after product removal out of the separation ring. Thanks to this design principle, Theegarten-Pactec has no need of an additional head on the MCH, which provides ideal protection for the confectionery of their customers compared with machines with multiple product transfers.

One machine, many possibilitiesThe modular design of this machine offers manufacturers more options than can be shown at a trade fair. The MCH packs not only chocolate gently and safely, but also jelly, hard candy with or without filling, eclairs and enrobed products. Besides foil and double twist wrapping, the MCH can also handle sealed double twist wrapping (protected twist) and side twist wrapping. And the range of wrapping materials to choose from is just as varied: wax paper, cellophane, plastic or aluminium foil lend any product the desired appearance and are also easy to combine together because of the optional double wrapping material feed. The result - a particularly elegant combination of inner and outer wrapping material. The MCH can be fed either manually or using the Dresden-based machine builder's feed system, which can be synchronised directly with the production plant. All these functions make the MCH from Theegarten-Pactec a flexible high-performance machine which producers can use to respond rapidly to the seasonal demands of the market.