RPC Promens Consumer Kolding is supplying custom-designed PET bottles for a range of dressings and sauces from leading Scandinavian food company Scandic Food A/S, part of the Good Food Group A/S.

The injection stretch blow moulded bottles – in 250ml, 350ml and 400ml sizes, with a 520ml soon to be introduced for export markets – incorporate gentle curves for an attractive, modern look on shelf that establishes a family image across the various sizes. Equally important, there is a large decoration area for the colourful and distinctive labels that distinguish the different products in the range.

The glass-like high clarity of the PET ensures the products are effectively displayed on-shelf for a premium quality image, while the lightness of the bottles and the curved design provides easy handling for maximum consumer convenience.

“The bottles represent the combination of knowhow, innovative design and the exact understanding of our requirements and our business,” comments Scandic Foods Technical Product Manager Henrik Meldgaard. “This also includes experience of the demands we are facing from our customers and the retail chains in different markets.”

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