Leading heat sealing specialist Proseal’s ability to meet food manufacturers’ demands for efficiency, flexibility and quality in their tray sealing operations will be demonstrated at Foodex 2018.

At the show, the company will display its pioneering electric heat seal technology that also delivers valuable environmental benefits.

On display at stand X270 will be Proseal’s new Quick Release (QR) Cartridge Tool, which enables any tool to be quickly and easily removed and replaced in the event of a problem. All the elements that might need attention are contained within the cartridge, meaning repairs and adjustments can be carried out offline while the tray sealer continues to operate, thus ensuring that downtime is minimised and overall throughput maintained.

The recently launched QR Cartridge has joined Proseal’s proven QR Conveyor, which features a modular design that allows individual sections of the infeed and outfeed conveyors to be removed for maintenance and cleaning.

The efficiency, flexibility, and quality of the Proseal tray sealer range are ideally demonstrated by the GT2s, which will be shown at Foodex. The Proseal GT2s is an automatic, large-capacity, high-speed, in-line tray sealing system designed to cut labour costs. It combines high throughput with rapid tool-changing and space-saving compact design. Capable of up to 120 atmospheric packs per minute with a six Impression tool, it is packed with many proven functional and reliability benefits.

One of these benefits is Proseal’s E-Seal® technology. This provides an energy efficient system that delivers a high-precision seal with an extremely strong sealing force, ensuring every seal has the tightness and reliability to meet the stringent quality requirements of the retail sector. At the same time, retaining pneumatic functions means the machine can also offer additional benefits such as date coding of pre-printed film.

Equally important, the technology achieves an increase of seal force of 260%, while only consuming 8% of the air of a machine fitted with an equivalent standard pneumatic cylinder.  This delivers major energy and cost savings that also have an important impact on a company’s environmental performance and help to meet carbon reduction targets.

Another outstanding feature exemplified by the GT2s is Proseal’s ProMotion system, which ensures maximum throughput by using following motion and intelligent buffering technology to enable trays to feed continuously into the sealer without having to pre-sort and adjust pack spacing.  This results in an increase from 15 cycles to 20 cycles per minute, equivalent to an additional 30 packs per minute with a six impression tool.  Product handling is also improved with fewer lines stoppages due to misplaced trays.

Like all Proseal models, the GT2s retains Proseal’s renowned rugged construction to food industry approved hygiene standards with full wash-down protection. Proseal’s established ‘Auto Tool’ connection system enables tool changes to be carried out in around two minutes, while downtime is further minimised by the use of quick-change conveyor belts, and an auto-lock film reel holder. The machine’s practical design is enhanced by situating the electrical controls above the sealing area, which also allows safe access for cleaning.

In addition, the GT2s incorporates a user-friendly menu-driven control panel for ease of set up and operation, which can be remotely accessed and controlled.  The screen also provides detailed production data, production monitoring and full diagnostics.  Full double-sided operation is provided by a swing arm control interface for enhanced accessibility.