Aiming to provide a solution in line with the marketing dynamics of young brands, Diam Pack has launched a collection entirely dedicated to influencers. Designed to reveal a product and to communicate the brand universe, each concept aims to provoke a “wow” effect. 

With formats designed to be daring, with fun opening systems and sound effects, for example, this new generation of boxes combines creativity with industrial feasibility. 

Diam Pack channels current trends and codes, from the bento box to the selfie box via a vintage concept with a retro radio format. On their cardboard bases, they focus on the visual.


Boom Box

Designed to look like a vintage 1980's portable radio, this box has three windows on its front that open to reveal the product inside and the brand’s universe (with relief decoration, a booklet and a gift, for example). As such, this design is suitable for various different types of storytelling.


Bento Box

Held together by an articulated cardboard sheath decorated with the brand’s codes, this structure hides a series of cutouts within its original format, each with surprises to be discovered inside.

At each level, a product appears, tucked into a cutout made from decorated paper pulp. Shown here in a large format, the box can be developed in a range of sizes and with a varying number of trays.

Flower Box 

This design aims to address the unboxing trend, made famous by influencers online. When the lid is removed, the box opens like a flower, launching a video about the product universe, an ad campaign, or why not a makeup tutorial? In each of the petals, product information, gifts or ancillary products can be tucked. In the centre, the star product has pride of place, set into a podium-style cutout.


Photobooth Box

Reflecting the selfie trend, this box actually takes pictures thanks to an ultra-flat camera hidden inside, and also prints them instantly. With its expansive surface for communication materials, it is suitable for a range of different uses: fragrance or skincare launch, presentation of a makeup range with a palette inserted into a drawer or an integrated tutorial, for example.

This is designed to entice the influencer to play with it, test the products, snap a selfie and share it on social media.


My Customisable Box

This concept is based on the notion of a simple and traditional shoe box, with a space in between the base and the lid to house a personalised central strip – a ribbon, printed or textured paper, silicone or PU are just some of the possibilities. This design allows brands to manage their own supply chain and optimise stock by allocating certain quantities to specific launches in short time frames. Its conception is also part of a global sustainability approach.