During the C40 World Mayor Summit in Copenhagen, Paboco®, the paper bottle company was presented, uniting brands and experts in material, design and technology.  

Building on years of experience, the development journey was started in 2015 by innovation expert ecoXpac in close collaboration with Carlsberg Group and BillerudKorsnäs, followed by project partners joining along the way.  

To create attention and provide the best conditions possible, it is now run as its  own business, name and brand – Paboco, the paper bottle company. 

Now in 2019, Paboco is a joint venture between paper packaging material developer BillerudKorsnäs and bottle manufacturing specialist Alpla. The commercial and sustainable potential is described as huge, however, developing a paper bottle is a commitment with  great opportunities requiring an equal level of dedication and collaboration.   Our goal: a paper bottle in every hand.  The Paper Bottle is a step-by-step innovation concept focused on scaling functionality, the first of its kind for liquid goods such as carbonated and still drinks, beauty products and more. Today, the first-generation paper bottle is using renewable paper to build strength and structure, supported by a barrier solution unique for each product, making it possible to recycle the bottle by separating the paper and barrier. Alongside the scaling of the production technology, our next step is the transition to a fully circular bottle solution,  including a bio-based barrier enhancing recycling of the paper fibres and degrading harmlessly if accidentally put in nature.   “Enabling a robust and effective way to multiply the idea of sustainable packaging for liquid goods – that is the challenge we take at Paboco, the Paper Bottle Company” says Mr. Florian Müller, CTO of Paboco.