WeighPack has announced the launch of its new coffee bagging system for premade box gusset bags, with a product rejection system that prevents the accumulation of bags that are outside the desired weight tolerance.

Designed specifically to fit the existing bag sizes of its client that packages ground coffee, WeighPack says that the automated system conveys ground coffee from a hopper up to the Star Auger powder weigher via a screw conveyor.

Once weighed, the ground coffee passes into the Swifty Bagger Box Gusset bagging machine, where it is dispensed into premade bags before the sides are tucked and the top is sealed. According to WeighPack, the bags are then conveyed to the WeightCheQ check weigher to ensure each bag meets the present weight tolerance before it is accumulated on to a rotary table.

WeighPack adds that the unique features of the new system include an integrated bag shaker to fully settle the product in the bag prior to sealing and a product rejection system to prevent the accumulation of bags that are outside the desired weight tolerance. The system was reportedly designed to easily allow future integration of case erecting, case packaging, and palletising solution.

Nick Taraborelli, vice president at Paxiom Group, comments: “We designed this integrated coffee packaging system to weigh fill up to 1500 bags per hour to meet the needs of the most progressive coffee retailers. And our larger wholesale clients can expect to fill up to 600 of their larger bags per hour.

“By combining our new box gusset bagger with our auger coffee filler and downstream check weigher, our clients get a turnkey system that’s easy to integrate so they can ramp up production immediately.

“We also designed it to work with our other vibratory weigh fillers for our clients packaging whole bean coffee.”

Last year, WeighPack unveiled the Swifty Bagger Side Load automatic bagging machine, which it says offers new features for customers that require product orientation with a pre-made pouch.