UPM Raflatac’s pressure-sensitive labels have reportedly been tested in accordance with RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and received ‘limited’ approval to be recycled with polymer containers.

The testing was apparently conducted at Plastics Forming Enterprises in accordance with the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols for coloured HDPE or PP containers. Eight tests were carried out in total.

Amongst the list of tested pressure-sensitive labels were a range of adhesives – namely UV acrylic hotmelt, acrylic emulsions, and rubber hotmelt – which were applied to PE, PO, and PP white facestocks. It is said that these labels are suitable for food, oil, home and personal care, and industrial chemical labelling applications, and according to UPM Raflatac, the weight of the adhesive used within the tested packaging fell between 0.8 and 1.6wt% of the total weight of the packaging.

The laboratory results are said to suggest that the labels conform to current European standards for coloured HDPE and PP container recycling streams, so long as specific conditions are met. For instance, the recycled plastic can be put back into closed-loop applications, such as the production of blow-moulded bottles containing up to 25% of the material.

Berry Global also claims to have received RecyClass approval for its ‘100% polyolefin’ 2cc dispenser – said to be recyclable with PET bottles – and its 5mm closure for sauce bottles, apparently over 20% lighter than its previous version and more recyclable than its silicon alternatives.

Colgate recently unveiled an HDPE tube with ‘Recycle Me!’ graphics to make consumers aware that it does not require cleaning or any other additional steps to be recycled. This design received RecyClass and APR certification in 2020.