Tetra Pak and digital experiences studio Appetite Creative have unveiled a milk carton for the Swiss brand Emmi good day, which apparently uses augmented reality (AR) via smart packaging to encourage customers to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Designed by Tetra Pak, the new Tetra Stelo Aseptic 1000 packaging encourages Emmi’s consumers to “start the day with a good day” by scanning the milk carton with their smart phone camera. This will reveal AR animation around the packaging using a web-based app, which includes a menu of experiences geared at encouraging consumers to add “more Emmi into their day”.

The app also features interactive games, such as ‘Move your Body’, which allows consumers to choose between Barista, High Protein, or Milk Drink and collect ingredients like fruit and oats to add to their breakfast bowl, as a way to introduce Emmi’s new milk drinks. Emmi adds that the ‘Breakfast Ninja’ 2D game encourages users to slice different breakfast ingredients as quickly as possible.

At the end of each game, Emmi says that recipe ideas and inspirational quotes are shared. These are apparently updated regularly.

In addition, users are able to collect points by interacting with the packaging and sharing on social media, and can join a leader board to win prizes. According to Emmi, these prizes include Apple Watches, yoga mats, and milk frothers for consumers at the top of the leader board.

The app also tracks real-time interaction, offering Emmi the opportunity to optimise marketing.

Amir Maslic, senior brand management at Emmi, comments: “Our interactive connected experiences are hugely popular and successful across our range of products and packaging.

“We’re pleased to be brightening the day of our customers with this new sleeker Emmi good day packaging and a connected experience which combines fun games and education about how to be happier and healthier.”

Jenny Stanley, managing director at Appetite Creative, adds: “We have worked with Emmi for a number of years to develop and evolve its connected packaging experiences.

“From launching new products to offering fun interactive games, the popular app-based experiences offer fun for all the family, while giving Emmi the opportunity to adapt marketing messages and connect with customers authentically in real-time.”

In 2019, Tetra Pak launched its Connected Packaging Platform for milk and juice cartons, which offers end-to-end traceability and data management for producers, as well as interactive brand experiences for consumers. Other innovations from Tetra Pak for carton include its initiative to enhance recyclability through design and enhance the efficiency and ease with which cartons enter recycling streams.