Amidst high energy prices, skilled labour shortages, and more, Aluminium Deutschland expresses its ‘cautious’ optimism for the industry’s progress in 2024, with tube and aerosol can deliveries to Germany increasing by respective figures of 4% and 0.5% between 2022 and 2023.

A total of 796 million aluminium tubes and 575 million aluminium aerosol cans were delivered to Germany in 2023.

“The strong demand for aluminum tubes, particularly from the pharmaceutical sector, underscores the crucial role of our products in meeting essential packaging requirements,” says Clemens Behrenbruch, chairman of the Tubes, Cans, and Extruded Parts division at Aluminium Deutschland. “The industry’s performance in 2023 reflects our resilience and adaptability in dealing with challenging market conditions.”

On the other hand, the industry is struggling with a shortage of skilled labour as new employees take time to learn new skills. Applicants suited for the job are said to be scarce, while the frequency of employees falling ill is also emerging as an issue.

Energy prices are still high, which is causing concern as to the availability of aluminium in the future. Additionally, increasing developments in regulation and sustainability requirements are causing ‘bureaucratic burdens’ for industry players.

“Nevertheless, we are committed to innovation, sustainability, and meeting evolving consumer demands,” Behrenbruch adds.

Aluminium Deutschland calls for politicians to develop an economic policy framework that provides planning security, with political action expected to drive competitiveness.

The statement comes alongside Aluminium Deutschland’s concern that over-regulation, high energy costs, and economic recession could impact Germany’s future as an industrial location for aluminium – calling for more ‘common sense’ in economic policy developments going forward.

It has also described the German aluminium industry as being ‘in crisis mode’, with one in seven respondents to a member survey reporting that their situation has worsened and 40% expecting more negative impacts in the future.

In more positive news, the International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Can Manufacturers (AEROBAL) has also shared that its members’ global shipments increased by 6% in 2023, reaching around 6.4 billion units.

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