SÜDPACK & SN Maschinenbau 01.03.24

SÜDPACK and SN Maschinenbau have teamed up on a recyclable film solution for stand-up pouches with spouts, which are reportedly reclosable and suitable for liquid or pasty foods such as fruit purees, hotfilling and pasteurization.

SÜDPACK says the pouches are made from films based on polymer polypropylene and are therefore classified as recyclable. The PP spouts with MENSHEN LoTUS technology can be connected to the pouches through coordination of the heat distribution and conductivity.

Due to the combination of PP-based pouches and spouts, SÜDPACK states the pouches are assessed as single-material solutions and can be introduced into the appropriate material loops. It adds that the PP-based film can be individually equipped with barriers against water vapour, oxygen or UV light.

The company claims that due to PP-based high-performance films, the packaging concept is an alternative to conventional material structures in terms of sustainability and performance; the pouches can be produced in-house on standard packaging machines, making them a “cost-effective alternative” to pre-made pouches.

The solution will be presented at Anuga FoodTec 2024 at SN Maschinenbau’s booth B- 028, in hall 8.1. The processing of SÜDPACK’s recyclable PP film and Menshen’s LoTUS spouts will be showcased on SN Maschinenbau’s newly developed SPM 50 machine.

The horizontal pouch making machine reportedly makes up to 4,200 pouches per hour has a compact design allowing for flexible placement next to the filling machine or on its own in a separate room.

SÜDPACK & SN Maschinenbau back 01.03.24

SÜDPACK adds that producing pouches from roll stock saves storage space, logistics costs and reduces pouch costs, claiming that in-house production of spout pouches with film from the reel enables the needs-based production of pouches in different shapes and sizes, as well as the processing of different spouts, meaning producers can adapt to changes in demand and shorten their lead times and time-to-market.

Last year, SN Maschinenbau also collaborated with UPM Specialty Papers to produce paper-based, heat-sealable pouches, with the move hoped to provide a sustainable solution for any application requiring heat sealing.

In similar news, Mondi and Fressnapf revealed mono-material pouches for dry pet food, decorated using process colour printing technology with a lower reliance on inks and chemicals. The pouches are certified by Institut cyclos-HTP as recyclable with other mono-PE films in various existing European recycling streams and apparently offer strong barrier properties against moisture, fat, and odour.

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