Terre d’Oc’s eaux de parfum products are now packaged in Coverpla’s ‘gently curved’ refillable bottle and what is claimed to be a biodegradable cap, both made from biobased resin.

The 100ml format of Coverpla’s Venus design comes equipped with a CV15 screw neck. Venus is also available in 50ml and 100ml versions, with options provided for a threaded or crimped collar.

Coverpla also offers a selection of caps that claim to offer a reduced carbon footprint. Terre d’Oc has selected the Lord cap injected from PHA, a biopolymer based on rapeseed oil. Reportedly, the material has similar mechanical properties to polyethylene and is compostable.

The move is set to align with Terre d’Oc’s sustainability goals – namely, to pursue eco-design, improve its carbon impact, and promote recycled materials and waste recycling in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It also intends to reflect the natural origins of Terre d’Oc products, which ‘tell stories of travel, ethics, craftmanship, scent and wellbeing’.

“For our organic eaux de toilettes, we were looking for a glass bottle with a gentle, harmonious, rounded shape,” says marketing manager Audrey Haupt. “We wanted a prestigious glass bottle with a thick base that was refillable in order to offer our customers a product that gives them joy again and again.

“We are happy to have found in Coverpla a partner that shares our values. Thanks to this strong collaboration, we were able to create a product that combines elegance and sustainability.”

In a previous collaboration, Coverpla packaged Essential Parfums’ ‘sustainable’ fragrance line in its glass Gala bottle – manufactured by glassmaker Bormioli Luigi and featuring a new refillable screw neck design. An accompanying series of 150ml aluminium refills were also available in boutiques and online.

Bormioli Luigi proceeded to work with the House of Armani to roll out a refillable fragrance bottle for its Si Intense line, moulding and screen-printing a relief décor designed to resemble precious jewellery. From here, the House of Armani planned to expand its offering of ultra-premium refillable packaging.

Coverpla’s Venus bottle joined its Vertigo and Ulysse designs as refillable versions of its Koesio Parfums brand with refillable versions of its perfume bottles. The bottles were paired with the Top Passion, Galet, and Gény designs, respectively, and were accompanied by an upgrade in its local positioning and a personalized ready-to-go offer.

Most recently, Bormioli Luigi released Reverre, a refillable version of its standard glass jar intended for long-term use, recyclability at end-of-life, and shelf appeal as a premium product.

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