Dufaylite has launched thermally-insulated box liners and inserts made from recycled paper honeycomb, in a bid to provide a paper-based alternative to solutions made from polystyrene and lambs’ wool.

The honeycomb cells can reportedly effectively trap the air within, delivering “excellent” thermal properties and keeping their contents cool for 24-48 hours. The company says that they are quick and easy to install when packing, while also being durable, strong, and extremely rigid – apparently ensuring full protection during transit.

According to Dufaylite, the two-piece inserts offer all the insulation and protection needed for a wide variety of everyday products. Because it is manufactured in the UK, Dufaylite can provide bespoke solutions from size to cell thickness, ensuring a perfect fit within any box, including its own Envirolite honeycomb packaging boxes.

For the highest level of insulation and thermal protection, a unique approach using innovative V-Crush technology in honeycomb, will guarantee a perfect fit, featuring minimum open edges to ensure all contents stay chilled.

Managing director, Ashley Moscrop, says: “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We create durable packaging twinned with technical excellence. Sustainability is standard for us, and we are committed to creating great products that can replace non-sustainable alternatives.

“We believe that using single-material products like our paper-based Envirolite will help to increase recycling rates across the UK and will make it easier for businesses and their customers too.

“We have been manufacturing paper honeycomb and board for over 60 years and are proud to have become a world leader in the field. With sustainability at our core, we now provide an extensive range of solutions with a real focus on customer service.”