Kite Packaging has developed a purpose-built void fill option, Hivefill, for dispensing its honeycomb-structured paper wrap for cushioning inside e-commerce boxes and cartons.

According to Kite Packaging, Hivefill expands and compresses the strong hive-shaped cells to form cushioning pads ideal for absorbing impacts and protecting the contents of a box. The dispenser features a funnel that the user manually pulls the paper through, apparently allowing it to be configured into a resilient format where the hexagons are expanded and interlinked together.

The paper can then be hand-torn and arranged to fill the empty space within a carton where objects might otherwise have knocked against the edges and become damaged, Kite Packaging adds.

The company says that Hivefill paper has an FSC certification and is easily kerbside recyclable. Hivefill is reportedly one of the most economic paper void fill systems on the market, with the company adding that it offers good value for money for customers.

In addition, Kite Packaging notes that the honeycomb paper is available in kraft or white to suit customers’ branding, which apparently allows e-commerce orders to be presented in an attractive way.

The Hivefill paper and dispenser are available on the Kite website.

Last year, Kite Packaging launched a biodegradable and recyclable bottle sleeve, Flexi-Hex, which uses a honeycomb-inspired structure with expandable hexagonal cells for added strength.