Müller Milk & Ingredients claims it will remove 500 tonnes of virgin plastic from its cream pots annually by switching to packaging made from recycled PET.

The dairy company says it has converted 75% of its cream volume to rPET pots which are 100% recyclable and contain 82% recycled material.

The new rPET pots, supplied by Faerch, have been rolled out across Müller’s 150ml and 300ml cream range, for both its brand and private label offering. The business is currently developing packaging solutions for the remaining volume for 2023.

Müller states its fresh milk bottles have been 100% recyclable for many years and contain 30% recycled material. In March, the company partnered with Waitrose to replace coloured milk caps on fresh milk bottles with clear caps, to enable retention for reuse within the food sector. Aldi also trialled the clear caps last month in partnership with Müller.

Liam McNamara, joint chief executive officer at Müller Milk & Ingredients said: “We aim to be the partner of choice for our customers, so we are constantly looking at ways that we can help meet shared sustainability commitments.

“It’s clear that shoppers want great dairy products in packaging which preserves their quality, safety and shelf life whilst reducing environmental impact. We are continually searching for innovative solutions to use significantly less virgin plastic.

“Three quarters of our cream pots now contain recycled material, and now our focus turns to finding solutions for the remaining volume.”

Mark Tollman, group strategic sales director at Faerch said: “We are delighted to partner with Müller to bring this exciting new range of recycled pots to the UK cream market.

”We have worked closely with the Müller team to ensure the product had the highest level of recycled content possible, whilst maintaining the overall performance of the packaging through the supply chain.

We look forward to working with the Müller team in creating solutions for the remaining volume.”