Paper bag manufacturer Sentrex has adopted Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap paper wrapping solution for its pallets in a bid to simplify logistics, optimize efficiency in the wrapping process, and phase out unnecessary plastics.

Mondi describes Advantage StretchWrap as a puncture-resistant, fully recyclable kraft paper made from responsibly sourced materials. It is thought to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 62% compared to virgin plastic stretch film and by 49% compared to plastic film made with 50% recycled content.

In 2021, an independent life cycle assessment suggested that Advantage StretchWrap has a lower climate impact than conventional plastic stretch film. However, neither the paper nor plastic options were said to hold an overall lead in terms of environmental impact.

Mondi collaborated with EW Technology the following year, unveiling a machine for automatic or semi-automatic paper pallet wrapping using Advantage StretchWrap. Since then, the machinery – and paper stretch wrap itself – has been implemented at Silbo’s plant in Żory.

Now Sentrex has undergone a similar transition, switching to EW Technology’s wrapping solution and Advantage StretchWrap. In doing so, it has apparently increased the efficiency of its wrapping process.

Before they can be wrapped in plastic stretch film, paper bags must undergo a drying process during production to remove all moisture and prevent condensation inside the packaging. Advantage StretchWrap is designed to be breathable and enable instant wrapping and packing via one in-line process immediately after bag production.

Due to its larger dimensions per reel, a new reel of Advantage StretchWrap is required every 400-600 pallets compared to the standard 40-60 pallets for plastic alternatives. Mondi says that it can be used for pallets of different shapes and sizes and cover gaps between the pallet and the product, thus ensuring safety and stability in transit.

Michał Nogielski, technical director at Sentrex, comments: “We are fully committed to using Mondi’s paper wrapping solution at scale, as part of our ongoing commitment to seeking out and using the most sustainable business practices throughout our operation. The teamwork between ourselves, Mondi and EW Technology meant that the whole adaptation process was swift, and the new wrapping machines and reels are running so successfully that we are delighted to recommend this to our own customers, for instance for pallet wrapping dry food products such as flour and sugar.”

“This change means that Sentrex can wrap their products in more sustainable packaging, work towards a more circular system and make a positive contribution to the environment,” adds Jan Murzyn, business development manager Speciality Kraft & Functional Paper at Mondi. “Additionally, the packaging sequence is more efficient due to the possibility of wrapping the pallet immediately after production, without the need for seasoning the paper bags.

“The collaboration with Sentrex is as living proof that our Advantage StretchWrap solution is not limited to business-to-consumer applications but brings value to leading industry players in the business-to-business sector.”

Mondi offers a free webinar recording with more information about Advantage StretchWrap.

In other news, Robopac previously joined forces with Mondi to develop its own wrapping machinery for Advantage StretchWrap, which was showcased at interpack 2023.

Antalis Packaging also expanded its Master’in range with three new pallet stretch wrappers, including a mobile machine, back in February. The machinery is designed to wrap products in various sizes and provide customers with a range of choices at various price points.

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