Mondi has collaborated with EW Technology to develop a new machine that offers automatic or semi-automatic paper pallet wrapping with the former’s Advantage StretchWrap solution. 

According to Mondi, the machine fills a gap in the pallet wrapping market by offering enhanced efficiency on small-to-medium production lines when swapping out plastic pallet wrapping with a paper solution. The company, along with EW Technology, developed the new machine with two settings: fully automated, which allegedly allows it to wrap 60 pallets every hour; or semi-automated, which means it can wrap approximately 10-15 pallets per hour.

The machine is compatible with Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap as a replacement for the multi-layer plastic that is the current industry standard for pallet wrapping. Mondi claims that the Advantage StretchWrap is made with 100% virgin paper, without plastic or coatings, and is recyclable in existing paper waste streams across Europe while maintaining the necessary strength and tension absorption for pallet wrapping applications. 

Last year, Mondi commissioned an independent life cycle assessment (LCA) comparing its paper pallet packaging to plastic stretch film. In the climate change assessment category, Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap reportedly offers a 62% lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic stretch film, although the LCA appeared inconclusive as to which solution took the overall lead in terms of environmental performance.

Mondi adds that a full reel of Advantage StretchWrap can be applied to the new machine without any need to re-wind, with the larger dimensions of the paper solution apparently meaning that a replacement reel is only needed every 400-600 pallets compared to 40-80 pallets for plastic wrapping. The companies say that this provides a more efficient solution to users.

Philipp Ertl, co-founder of EW Technology, comments: “Sustainable projects are close to our hearts and as a young team we are determined to make a positive contribution to the environment.

“By taking a collaborative approach with Mondi we were able to learn exactly what was needed and work together to deliver a unique new offering in paper wrapping technology for palletised goods – one that will benefit companies across many industries.”

Babicz Bartosz, product manager of Advantage StretchWrap at Mondi, concludes: “We work with brands across various industries and recognised that companies seeking to be more sustainable and with smaller outputs require a customised machine for paper pallet wrapping.

“This machine will mean that customers can successfully and safely wrap their products in paper for transportation, work towards a more circular system and make a positive contribution to the environment.”