Berry Global has designed a new closure for sauce bottles that it says is lightweight and recyclable, while also being more convenient for consumers.

According to the company, the new closure is lighter than other versions currently available, offering “valuable” material savings. Berry adds that the new design offers the same strength and durability for a consistent and reliable performance.

The company says the closure is designed to have an extended narrow spout that gives end-users control and accuracy when dispensing the product inside the bottle. Additionally, the closure is manufactured from 100% polypropylene (PP).

The new closures are available in snap-on or screw-on versions, and are suitable for bottles with a 38mm neck finish, including Berry’s range of standard sauce bottles. This means Berry can offer customers a complete bottle and closure solution.

Matthias Hammersen, sales director for the food market at Berry Global, comments: “Our new closure has been designed to be extremely versatile to meet the many different needs of the food sector, while delivering a reliable performance and helping food manufacturers to improve the sustainability of their packaging.

“We look forward to continuing to support our customers in achieving their lightweighting objectives and developing packaging solutions that help them become even more sustainable.”

Earlier this year, Berry released Mira, a sauce bottle manufactured, like the new closures, with PP, as well as incorporating an EVOH barrier for product protection. The company has also introduced a child-resistant certified bottle and closure combination for applications such as cleaning and DIY.