Dow has announced that its polyethylene (PE) resins, REVOLOOP, have been certified by AENOR as containing at least 30% post-consumer recycled content with the traceability of the production process also confirmed.

According to Dow, REVOLOOP’s PE compound grades incorporate a high volume of post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. The company says the single-pellet solution enables a simpler PCR process integration, meeting the needs of converters, and can be used in a broad range of applications for brands.

Peter Sandkuehler, European sustainability director for P&SP at Dow, explains: “REVOLOOP represents a tangible step towards realizing our vision for a circular plastics economy.

“It exemplifies Dow’s efforts around the world to enable mechanical recycling and the incorporation of PCR in a variety of technologically demanding applications. Such progress will bring all the players in the value chain further in their sustainability journey.”

The UNE-EN 15343 is the European Standard that specifies the procedures needed for the traceability of recycled plastics, covering two schemes: the traceability in the plastic recycling process, and the minimum content of post-consumer recycled plastic used in the processing of a plastic product.

Dow says it was awarded this certification following a full independent, external audit to ensure that the control of incoming plastic waste and traceability in the production processes of recycled material. Dow XZ98612.00 (30%), Dow XZ98615.00 and Dow XZ89169.00 (70%) reportedly all comply with the requirements set out in UNE-EN 15343 standard.

Therefore, Dow claims that AENOR has verified that the manufacture of Dow’s PE compounds involves up to 70% post-consumer recycled products, which have either fulfilled their intended purpose or can no longer be used for the purpose for which they were conceived.

To grant this certification, AENOR first checks the origin of the post-consumer recycled material. AENOR then analyses the main processes applied by the company during the manufacture of the products against the scope of the certification, with special emphasis on the control of the equipment that fixes the dosages.

Finally, the calculation protocol applied by the company to determine the percentage of recycled material incorporated into the products is audited, verifying that it provides the necessary confidence, by means of periodic controls, so that the products marketed over time effectively contain the minimum declared.

Yolanda Villaseñor, director of product certification at AENOR, concludes: “This certification demonstrates Dow’s commitment to offering products that minimize the use of the planet’s resources, offering the plastics transformation chain the possibility of including materials with recycled content endorsed by AENOR certification, and showing its commitment to the environmental values shared by society as a whole.

“Dow is now the first company to obtain this certification for polyethylene compounds.”