Spain’s top juice brand, Don Simon, has unveiled what it describes as its first-ever 100% environmentally friendly and smart packaging, which, it says will do good for both consumers and the environment.

In partnership with its packaging supplier Elopak and creative technology studio Appetite Creative, an AIPIA member, Don Simon has incorporated a fun and interactive connected experience to help educate consumers about the benefits of the new Pure-Pak® eSense packaging.

The smart packaging utilises a web app-based connected experience accessed via QR codes to inform consumers about the benefits of the new aluminium-free carton.

It utilises a transparent cap made from renewable plastics and the unbleached Natural Brown Board and easy folding, which enables convenient recycling and reduces food waste, the company says. With the new packaging, Don Simon has reduced its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40%, the packaging is also 4% lighter than market alternatives and 90% renewable.

A spokesman for the brand, part of the García Carrión Group, explained, “Packaging is not just a container anymore. Connected packaging allows us to establish a bidirectional and interactive communication channel with consumers.

“We can now learn about what really matters to them. Through connected experiences, we have the opportunity to make consumers part of our brand journey, transforming passive products into experiential and interactive touchpoints.”

The Don Simon connected experience offers a range of interactive games linked to sustainability, giving consumers an engaging way to learn about its plant-based drinks and the benefits of the new packaging.

The games include creating packaging from sustainable materials, creating products from plants and carton recycling, a quiz, plus much more. They are timed and each new level becomes more difficult. Users participate to collect points, which they can exchange for coupons and win a range of prizes.

The juice brand is also using the connected experience to find ambassadors who will get a first look and taste of new products and packaging – to help immerse consumers in plans to minimise its environmental footprint and contribute to its ‘zero waste’ and ‘zero net emissions’ objectives.

“It’s essential for brands to consider all aspects of sustainability and this campaign not only puts sustainability front and centre, but it makes it easy and fun for consumers to recycle. We’re also giving them an opportunity to get involved via the ambassador competition – which offers incentives for consumers who want early access to new products and other brand updates – helping Don Simon find its most engaged influencers to share their passion for the brand,” says Jenny Stanley, managing director at Appetite Creative.

The web app tracks real-time interaction, such as buying habits, product preferences, average engagement time, location, scan rate, number of visitors, return visitors and social media shares, including GDPR-compliant personal data to enable the brand to optimise its marketing and better understand consumers.

The new packaging, connected experience, and competition have been available since November.

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