Canon has released its imagePROGRAF TC-20M full-colour, large format desktop printer – said to utilise less than 26W during operation and 2.4W during standby – for applications such as customised wrapping paper.  

The model prints with CMYK pigment inks and features an A4 flatbed scanner. Designed with ease of use in mind, it can create large format copies without the need for a computer; all print-related operations, including paper loading and ink refilling, can be accessed from the front of the unit in what claims to be a space-saving design. 

Its body measures 968 mm wide, 525 mm deep, and 245 mm high. As such, it is applicable to various shelves and desks, with the optional BU-06 basket available to catch printed materials – thus allowing manufacturers to produce large-format prints in tight working conditions. 

Furthermore, its 70ml ink tanks are expected to reduce the number of refills required per job. Each tank’s inlets are designed with different shapes and colours to prevent mistakes during the refilling process.  

Compatible with rolls of paper up to A1+ wide, the printer is equipped with a standard auto sheet feeder that supports A3 and A4 sizes. It enables users to load rolls and sheets of paper simultaneously to copy and print various sizes on one machine, with users able to select the chosen paper source on the operator panel. Furthermore, a single document can be copied several times on one roll of paper of up to A1+ in size.  

Users can preview JPEG and PDF documents and scan, copy, and enlarge originals in various paper sizes, alongside the usual network printing capabilities. The printer control panel can also print jobs directly from a USB flash drive.  

“Traditionally, large-format prints are an application that a lot of retail, educational and hospitality organisations outsourced at times,” explains Jennifer Kolloczek, EMEA Planning, Marketing & Innovation senior director, Production Print at Canon Europe. “However, there is a growing need for occasional print runs and these are likely to be quicker, less costly and more convenient to print on-site.  

“The imagePROGRAF TC-20M is designed with ease of use and space-saving in mind – it incorporates a flatbed scanner, USB printing support as well as wireless printing through a mobile app. This eliminates the need for a computer, allowing users to perform print and copy functions directly through the operator panel.” 

For other commercial print applications, Canon recently announced the release of its ProStream 3000 high-speed, web-fed inkjet presses.  

Fujifilm’s Acuity Prime L flatbed printer with a series-specific ink system is expected to increase productivity and ROI for investors, while its ApeosPro C series of light production printers claims to provide the ‘world’s first’ high-resolution LED printhead.