Berry 11.03.2024

Berry Global has announced the launch of the BerryHaler, a dual chamber, dry powder inhaler (DPI) with a dose counter designed to provide better patient access to and support the effective delivery of combination drugs.

Apparently, the BerryHaler offers pharmaceutical companies a ready-to-use, customisable solution for the fast-to-market introduction of inhalation treatments that relieve the symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma, and other lung disorders. The company says the patented design incorporates dual chamber Puck properties that enable the delivery of 30 doses of double and triple formulations simultaneously to the patient. 

The all-plastic inhaler is aimed at more complex inhalation treatments, including those that would otherwise require several different inhalers to achieve the correct dosage and combination drug treatments that cannot be combined in a single blend. The BerryHaler reportedly provides easy operation for various patient profiles, including seniors and children. 

Berry states the device includes a bi-directional non-detachable mouthpiece cover to help with ease-of-use and prevent cover loss, protecting the formulation and providing a more hygienic application for patients; emits an audible signal when opening and closing the mouthpiece so users know it has been fully opened for inhalation and then safely closed; and the integrated dose counter helps patients to accurately monitor medication usage and remaining doses and avoid accidental over or under dosage. 

The BerryHaler has been developed as part of Berry’s ‘Dose Better’ initiative, focused on patient-centred packaging and drug delivery devices that deliver accurate and user-friendly dosing administration and support improved medicine adherence. It  was launched at Pharmapack 2024 alongside products including the Berry Digi-Cap, a child-resistant closure featuring digital technology in a bid to improve the adherence of medication. 

In similar news, Amcor unveiled a mono-PE laminate in pursuit of all-film medical packaging that can be recycled in the polyethylene stream, reportedly lowering the pack’s carbon footprint while maintaining patient safety. 

More recently, in celebration of World Braille Day, Origin marketing lead Steven Brownett-Gale spoke to us about the steps pharmaceutical packaging is taking towards inclusivity for visually impaired consumers, from tactile design to smart packaging features. 

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