Specialty chemicals company Archroma has announced the launch of its Cartaseal OGB F10 barrier coating, designed for PFAS-free oil and grease resistance in food and non-food paper and board packaging.

The barrier is apparently water-based, oil and grease resistant, and enables papermakers to provide high-quality and sustainability-minded packaging by replacing fluoro based substances and polyethylene with a recyclable and repulpable coating. Archroma states it is FDA and BfR compliant. 

The company adds that the barrier provides oil and grease resistance (OGR) for folding box board and flexible paper packaging applications and facilitates easy recycling and repulping processes. Reportedly, the Cartaseal OGB F10 contains bio-based raw materials, aiming to minimize brands’ and papermakers’ reliance on oil-based substances. 

Sameer Singla, CEO of Paper, Packaging and Coatings at Archroma, says: “With its unmatched oil and grease resistance, exceptional foldability, and sustainability features, Cartaseal OGB F10 represents a significant advancement in packaging technology, empowering businesses to meet evolving consumer demands while reducing their environmental footprint.” 

In similar news, Berry Global and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company recently collaborated on a recyclable, EVOH-free barrier resin to coat thermoformed tubes, jars, and bottles, in hopes of enhancing the recyclability of food packaging. Mitsubishi’s MXD6 barrier coating is designed to extend the shelf life of food products and overcome the issues of degradation, contamination, and other recyclability and reprocessing issues associated with EVOH. 

In the same month, Kemira and PA Consulting teamed up to develop a polysaccharide-based renewable barrier coating material for flexible food packaging applications. The new technology is based on IFF’s Designed Enzymatic Biomaterial (DEB) production platform, a biotechnology process that enables the production of new renewable polymers with enzymatic polymerization. 

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