Invented at MIT by Dave Smith and Professor Kripa Varanasi, the patended LiquiGlide technology removes friction, allowing thick, slow-moving liquids to flow more easily. We take a closer look at the technology that powers Colgate's new clear PET toothpaste container.

By eliminating friction, LiquiGlide sets out to transform what is possible in  packaging, manufacturing, and medical devices a reality via safe and sustainable solutions that meet rigorous safety and regulatory standards. We spoke to Dave Smith, CEO & co-founder of LiquiGlide, to find out more about the technology and how it enabled the creation of a toothpaste container made from clear PET in collaboration with Colgate.

Could you give us a quick overview of how the LiquiGlide technology works?

Liquids sticking to solid surfaces creates massive inefficiencies across industries. It’s not just bad for the bottom line; it’s also not sustainable for the planet. LiquiGlide is creating a frictionless future through its patented technology for creating stable slippery surfaces that enable thick, slow-moving liquids to flow with ease. By allowing liquids to flow, LiquiGlide enables new packages, products and ultimately a new consumer experience through no-waste packaging, more efficient, sustainable manufacturing. And by constraining design, we can improve patient outcomes and quality of life through devices that won’t clog or get infected.

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