Packing sensitive liquid food pouches is particularly challenging. At the Anuga FoodTec (Cologne, March 20th – 23rd, 2018, Hall 8.1, E038/F039), Meypack is presenting a variation of the VP600 designed especially for these soft packages.

This new innovation can process small packages extremely gently yet simultaneously at high capacity. An impressive demonstration of this featuring pudding pouches from the Polish manufacturer Bakoma SA can be viewed at the trade fair stand. 

Meypack is the specialist for individual end-packaging solutions and with the VP600 case packer it meets the current demands of the market. The food industry needs machines that can process small products in small formations within a small space. This is exactly what the newly developed VP600 is able to do. With its extremely compact machine footprint, this continuous motion machine fits in nearly every production facility. In a fully automatic process, the machine packs formats ranging in dimension from 70 x 50 x 80 mm up to 200 x 150 x 200 mm (W x L x H). To demonstrate this, Meypack will be packing children’s snacks from Bakoma SA, a Polish manufacturer, at the Anuga. The 80 gram pudding pouches which are sealed with screw caps (80 x 132 x 30) will be packed in single rows of 1 x 4 formations into small trays with lids.

High accessibility paired with a hygienic design

A very small number of finely tuned format parts enable fast and reproducible format changeovers that can be carried out without any tools. A high degree of accessibility is made possible by the use of low-maintenance linear bearings and guiding elements as well as self-cleaning vacuum valves. The high standards demanded by the food industry with respect to hygiene in the end-packaging area are completely fulfilled by the case packer. The easy-to-clean machine in stainless steel execution has been designed with sloped surfaces that allow liquid to run off. Optimal accessibility is enabled by the open design without any hidden corners or empty spaces.

The product infeed of the VP 600 is carried out via a paddle chain with interchangeable belts that have product-specific pockets and paddles and are able to stack and erect products. With a fast changeover function, the belts can be exchanged immediately and then automatically adjusted for tension and positioning. The blank magazines, which can be adjusted in height, are easily loaded and can be equipped with saw-tooth belts for the tray transport. This prevents the creation of too much pressure at the blank pickup. The interchangeable format-dependent safety guards, also equipped with quick-change elements, provide additional magazine protection in addition to the certified SICK sensors (Safeguard Detectors). 

In a further developmental stage, Meypack will also be completing a model of the VP 600 series to efficiently pack miniature bottles (glass and PET) as well as small cans and jars. A future variation of the model with a larger machine footprint will process wrap-around cases, shoulder trays and trays with external lids.

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