Packaging innovation that is simple, customer-centric, value added and totally innovative requires subtle modification of existing pack formats and if these innovations connect well with users, it goes a long way in building a league of brand-loyal consumers, according to leading data analytics company GlobalData.

The company, in its market analysis research report ‘Pack-Track Seize+Adapt Case Study: Wider opportunities for an easy-tilt jar’, used its proprietary Pack-Track packaging innovation tool to take a closer look at an easy-tilt plastic jar currently used in India by EID Parry India Ltd. for The Parry’s pure refined sugar and details how it could potentially inspire cross-category innovation.

EID Parry has developed a pure refined sugar easy-tilt jar with tiltable design, which allows it to lie on its side, giving consumers easier access to the contents. Its wide neck makes it easy to reach inside with a spoon or even a hand.

In addition to the functional benefits, the jar can be customized depending on various consumer needs and can be used to hold other household items inside which will leave the brand image for a longer time in a household shelf. The concept of a transparent easy-tilt jar tipped on its side can have application in various sectors including food, household care, personal care, and pet food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Pawel Urban, packaging analyst of the Pack-Track tool at GlobalData, explains: “A simple modification to the bulbous and rather heavy jar eliminates the need to handle it. The pack is likely to be left out on the kitchen worktop or table and does not need to be lifted for use, which makes it more functional than a standard jar. A round, flat area on the lower half of one side allows the jar to be laid on its side. This inexpensive modification not only results in an effective presentation of the pack but also raises its efficiency, allowing easy access to the contents with a spoon, measuring cup, or hand.”

By choosing the jar to be transparent with minimal labelling, the designers have allowed customers to have a clear view of the contents inside eliminating the need to open to check the quantity or quality of contents inside. Such innovative packs when used in other products can help sustainability in a big way too where there is repeated use of the same packaging within the household instead of the need to dispose after one use.