The full range of LAGEENTUBES tubes, caps and decoration options are now available with antimicrobial properties.

LAGEENTUBES Antimicrobial Tubes have apparently been proven to “significantly inhibit” the growth of microbes, with antimicrobial effects lasting throughout and even beyond the shelf-life of the tube. According to laboratory tests, microbe growth is reportedly reduced by at least 95%.

LAGEENTUBES also says that its new solutions are food-safe, and that the additive used to inhibit the growth of microbes complies with REACH regulations. The Antimicrobial Tubes have been tested under ISO 22196, which measures antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous products.

Meanwhile, the antimicrobial performance is reportedly unaffected by environmental conditions, even standing up to extreme heat, cold and humidity.

In terms of end of life, LAGEENTUBES says that all parts of the tube, including the cap, can be made of the special antimicrobial material, and are recyclable.

In a statement, the company said: “When we reach into our bag to get tubes, whatever microbes are on our hands or other items in the bag, such as keys or mobile phones, can be transferred to the surface of the tube.

“The exposure is highest when we’re out and about, on a bus, shopping or anywhere else, touching the same surfaces touched by dozens or hundreds of other people before. Likewise, there’s a high risk of microbes settling on a tube left out in the clinic, our home, or office.”

LAGEENTUBES concludes: “In today’s pandemic-shaped world, people are more aware than ever about hygiene, and many are hyper-vigilant about reducing the potential for spreading contaminants. That’s why we’re introducing this unique new offering.”