Following last week’s announcement that it has reached its semi-industrial trial stage, the digital watermarking initiative HolyGrail 2.0 has reached another milestone – the successful validation of its first prototype detection sorting unit.

Developed by machine vendor Pellenc ST and digital watermark technology provider Digimarc, the prototype, which combines the digital watermarks technology and NIR/VIS infrared for sorting of packaging waste, reportedly achieved a >95% ejection rate.

This sorter is now ready to be installed in the Amager Resource Centre (ARC) in Copenhagen to start the semi-industrial test phase.

Over the next four months, trials and demonstrations with around 125.000 pieces of packaging representing up to 260 different stock-keeping units (SKUs), all prepared by HolyGrail 2.0 members, will be held in Copenhagen.

Engineers will test for several parameters, including the speed and accuracy of the system, with the aim of ensuring its ability to withstand the pressures of full-scale industrial operations.

If successful, digitally watermarked products could apparently be introduced to store shelves in Denmark, France and Germany by the first half of 2022 for in-market demonstrations and industrial-scale trials.

Open Houses comprising a virtual tour and demonstration of the prototype sorting detection unit will happen at ARC on 19 October and 18 November 2021. Interested stakeholders can register here.