Heinz has revealed a new paperboard solution that will replace the plastic shrink-wrap currently used on its multipack canned products.

The PEFC-certified paperboard used in the new ‘Heinz Eco-Friendly Sleeve’ is recyclable and reportedly comes from renewable and sustainably managed forests. Heinz says that the wrap design uses 50% less material than a fully enclosed wraparound box and 10% less than a traditional paperboard sleeve design.

The company also reports that the manufacturing and transport of its new sleeve are carbon-neutral, and that it has a nearly 20% lower CO₂ footprint compared to the equivalent shrink-wrap design.

The updated pack is available now across the Heinz Soups range as part of the “winter bundle” on Heinz to Home, and will be launching across all Heinz’s canned products and major retailers in the UK in Autumn 2021.

Jojo de Noronha, Kraft Heinz’s Northern Europe president, said: “Our packaging innovation team continues to work hard to develop further sustainable solutions across our business as we make a £25 million investment over three years to implement the infrastructure needed to ensure this roll-out is a success, which will be a win for the environment as well as shoppers across the UK.”

This latest news follows an announcement from Heinz in January last year that it was removing plastic shrink-wrap from multipacks of Heinz Soup, Beanz, and pasta across Tesco stores in the UK.

Heinz also claims to have made its recyclable steel cans lighter over the years, through continued investment in the way in which they are designed.

The company is also working on broader sustainability initiatives, such as a partnership with waste-free online shop Loop to collect, clean and refill used Heinz Tomato Ketchup glass bottles. Heinz Europe says that it is also on track to deliver its first “circular” Tomato Ketchup squeezy bottle to the market in 2021, a year ahead of plan, which can be made back into food-grade packaging.