Graphic Packaging International has announced a third addition to its award-winning PaperSeal tray range to include a new dual-ovenable version for oven-ready, microwave-ready, chilled, and frozen food applications.

This news immediately follows Graphic Packaging’s launch of PaperSeal Slice and PaperSeal Wedge, designed for sliced meat and cheese applications. The company says that its latest product, PaperSeal Cook, reduces the amount of plastic when compared to traditional trays – in this instance by up to 80%.

Ricardo De Genova, Graphic Packaging’s senior vice president for global innovation and new business development, comments: “Many of our customers are seeking to minimize the amount of plastic packaging they use in a category that has traditionally been dominated by CPET trays.

“We’ve transferred our PaperSeal technology to a convenient, fibre-based, ovenable, and microwaveable solution that has all the benefits of the PaperSeal tray along with a liner that can withstand the high temperatures required in cooking.”

The PaperSeal Cook tray features a one-piece continuous sealing flange that aims to prevent leaks and ensure robustness through the supply chain. After use, the consumer can separate the liner film from the paperboard, making the paperboard portion of the tray recyclable through normal collection channels.

In line with its Vision 2025 goals, the company aims to make 100% of its products fully recyclable by 2025.

De Genova adds: “As a business, we are inspired by consumer and market trends and aim to make ‘a world of difference’ through our packaging, breaking ground with innovative fibre-based solutions in areas where they traditionally may not have had a place.

“Through collaboration with like-minded partners, we create viable and scalable fiber-based solutions for brands and retailers who have sustainability goals on their agenda.”