GEA product experts demonstrated the technology group’s solutions for the sustainability sector at this year’s Packaging Days, staged in November.

The lecture series kicked off with a presentation on the GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoforming machine and GEA DualSlicer. Attendees were given an insight into a packaging process that, according to GEA, makes rapid film changes simple while minimizing film wastage. Characterized by its reported premium cut quality, low give-away and high yield, the company says that the slicer can be adapted to suit relevant products.

An exploration of topics revolving around reduced film consumption and recycling subsequently highlighted FoodTray, a system solution for sustainable food packaging which this publication has previously reported on. The tray concept combines corrugated paperboard and plastic film to create a packaging system for fresh foodstuffs. Automatically assembled on the GEA Thermoformer, GEA reports that the two materials can easily be separated after use for appropriate disposal.

GEA SmartPacker, a vertical form-fill-seal packer, was also highlighted at Packaging Days 2019. GEA says that extensive testing ensures that the SmartPacker provides packaging companies with proven solutions for reliable and sustainable product packaging that consumers can dispose of in environmentally friendly ways. The company reports that its new product can handle up to seven different pouch designs.

Alongside practical solutions, GEA also showcased a number of the Fraunhofer Institute’s projects that aim not only to enhance packaging safety during transport but also explore the state of the art in recycling composite films.

The event wrapped up with basic guidelines on packaging recyclability in line with the new German Packaging Act.