“Productivity and production cost reduction are key elements to remain competitive in the commodity metallised film market which is extremely price sensitive,” says Juan Cano, sales director, Vacuum Metallizing and Coating, at Bobst Manchester.

The main market driver for innovations on high speed metallisation are the need to become more efficient in a production environment and to significantly increase output.

“This goes in line with the acceleration in the technology developed by film line manufacturers with wider and faster machines. The market also requires vacuum metallisers that can absorb that increase in the film production output with ever faster(1,200m/min) and wider (up to 5000mm) vacuum metallisers,” Mr Cano adds.

Bobst has developed its K5 EXPERT to be the fastest metalliser in the world at 1,200 m/min and at the same time reducing the production cycle to produce more rolls of metallised film per day. A robustly designed and engineered K5 EXPERT vacuum metalliser is fitted with innovations like the largest coating drum in the industry at 700mm and the most powerful and efficient evaporation source, the engine of the metalliser. 

“In the K5 EXPERT, Bobst has reduced the production cycle to squeeze at least one more roll of metallised film per 24-hour day than conventional metallisers in the market,” concludes Mr Cano.