The centrepiece of Schur Flexibles' interpack exhibit was its innovative FlexiClose resealable film. This lidding film from the Austrian specialist is suitable for use in thermoforming, premade trays and flow pack applications.

The FlexiClose product range includes a variety of re-sealable packaging films that are suited to PE or mono-APET sealing layers. Schur Flexibles' in-house-extruded sealing and functional layers can also be tailored to customer requirements. FlexiClose products are characterised by the best sealing properties and excellent machine compatibility. The range of highly transparent films for a wide range of applications is equipped with medium or high barrier, and can be supplemented by anti-fog properties if required. The FlexiClose range includes films with various opening forces and re-sealing cycles: Using this material, packaging can be resealed up to ten times. Schur Flexibles' FlexiClose re-sealable film concepts are adapted to the needs of the food industry and are ideally suited to the packaging of cheese or cold meats, but also to dry food, cereals, snacks and convenience products – it is ideal for products that are not completely used up when the package is initially opened.

For thermoformed, premade trays and flow pack applications the FlexiClose TF version re-seals against mono APET thermoformed or premade trays, products can be easily removed from their packaging and can be safely stored in it even after the first opening.

For horizontal and vertical flow packing applications, FlexiClose FW offers a highly efficient alternative (compared to other solutions) in the form of a modified sealing layer based on PE: the modern re-sealing concept can used on existing packaging systems without additional equipment being necessary.

Through the use of an innovative PET-sealing layer, the material share of the overall packaging can be reduced by up to 20% with FlexiClose film solutions – a real contribution to added sustainability in the packaging sector through a significant reduction in the CO2 footprint.

Meanwhile, Schur at interpack also displayed its Paper Touch film. This solution offers a premium image at the point of sale, with attractive matte optics and an organic, soft touch.


FlexiClose materials can be printed in up to 12 colours, either using flexo or rotogravure printing. With a wide range of finishing options, through effects such as matt or gloss finishes and paperlike haptics, attractive packaging can be produced which ensure that the product stands out for the customer at the POS.