Hot melt application for tamper evidence.jpg

In this context, Valco Melton has launched an anti-counterfeit solution based on our traditional hot melt technology. But our alternative does not lead to the above-mentioned drawbacks. The pharmaceutical packaging systems already feature a hot melt sealing machine. Therefore this system is not completely new for the packager. Our system is not voluminous and can be installed inside an existing machine without requiring more space. Our solution it is not expensive, when we compare price and life cycle with other technologies.

The point of our electric guns is that they can operate at extremely high speeds. In contrast to pneumatic guns, our all electric guns operate at extremely higher speeds with a life cycle of up to 500 times greater than their pneumatic counterparts and they can easily be installed. Electric gear pumps and valves remove all but one dynamic seal required to run a pneumatic system. This fact minimises the chance of failure and greatly reduces downtime and the need for maintenance. In addition, our adhesive melters do not require a big melting tank. Our revolutionary Kube is available in three different mount configurations and can be easily installed anywhere inside the production line.