Delta Airlines has announced that it will include Easysnap Technology's one-hand sanitizing gel dispensing solution in its “care kit” for passengers.

The solution, a semi-rigid single-dose pack for liquid and creamy substances, can be opened with the use of a single hand. In contrast to other solutions that require tabs, tear functions, or caps, the consumer folds Easysnap in half to dispense the solution within.

The company says that sales of the product have "accelerated at an extraordinary rate" over the past few months, due to changing healthcare concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, the pack, which was originally designed for liquid and semi-liquid solutions, has found its niche in the hand sanitizer market. According to Easysnap, purchases on large online platforms have taken off, reaching record numbers.

Easysnap has also been taken up in the food sector for sauces, honey, condiments and supplements, in the pharmaceutical sector for various drugs in liquid form, and in the cosmetic sector for creams and make-up.

In a press release, the company said: “Our new product is truly accessible to everyone: children, the elderly, people with disabilities. Highly intuitive, extremely simple and light but also resistant, Easysnap is also able to dispense the content in a precise, clean, and waste-free way, guaranteeing the right quantities and a very high product return.”