This introduction of triple row one-step injection stretch blow molding is another in a long line of global firsts that Nissei ASB has achieved throughout nearly 40 years at the forefront of the PET container industry, with several areas of the machine design having patents pending or already approved.

At drinktec, the ASB-150DPX will be conducting daily molding demonstrations of a 100ml, 5.3-gram yoghurt drink container.  This lightweight container design requires a very short preform that would be impossible to handle and re-heat in a two-step system so the one-step molding process, where the container is formed directly from resin within one machine and held securely by its neck throughout, is the only practical choice.  The smaller the container is, generally the more advantageous it is for production using a large one-step machine with high outputs.   

With its triple row molding layout allowing 36 blow cavities, and at a cycle time of 6.4 seconds the ASB-150DPX will achieve a production rate in excess of 20,000 bph.  Even if a container design such as this could be molded by re-heat blow molding, the required floor area for a similar capacity two-step production unit is typically 3-4 times greater, so this one-step solution provides not only technical superiority and enhanced quality, but manages to achieve it in a significantly reduced production space.

With the recent rise in prices of PE/PS materials, demand for PET conversion of this type of small container is increasing with numerous specific inquiries from major food manufacturers so the company is confident of good demand for this new model.

The exhibit will also be demonstrating a full line of matched molding ancillary equipment that ASB is able to supply, such as resin dryer, chiller, mold dehumidifier and mold temperature controllers.  An in-house custom designed pick and place take-out unit with conveyor system will also be demonstrated allowing prospective customers to easily install the molding machine up-stream of a filling line.

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