Continuing on its mission to help customers perfect their packaging materials and procedures, Antalis has opened a new flagship Smart Packaging Centre at the company’s head office in Coalville, as part of ongoing expansion plans for its burgeoning bespoke packaging solutions and services.

In an exciting leap forward for the business, the Smart Packaging Centre is a state-of-the-art design lab and solutions centre where Antalis’ highly-reputable designers will now be able to respond much quicker to the rising logistical challenges facing customers by conducting a comprehensive review of their packaging requirements on-site.

As an operational innovation hub, the centre essentially allows clients to bring their products and sit down with Antalis designers to create new bespoke pack designs and live samples, which can then be rigorously tested and modified if necessary – all from the comfort and ease of a ‘one-stop’ packaging workshop.

Forming the cornerstone of the new design facility is Impact CAD, an industry-leading software suite specifically designed for the packaging industry. Working in conjuction with Antalis’ recently-unveiled Zund G3 L-2300 cutting table, the software will dramatically speed up the packaging design process from weeks to just a few hours.

To further improve the customer experience, the packaging hub also includes the latest advances in machinery and materials to help meet a businesses’ unique needs, no matter how challenging. This includes smart packaging solutions such as void fill and cushioning that can help with damage reduction, increase packaging efficiency, boost customer experience as well as a dedicated range of sustainable options designed to boost those increasingly important green credentials.

Jason Poxon, Packaging Technologist at Antalis, explains: “Traditionally, the packaging design process can be lengthy and cumbersome, requiring a number of initial consultations to establish the client’s requirements before going away and creating a working prototype, all of which can take weeks.

“Recognising the rising challenges facing our customers, particularly those in the e-commerce, logistics and manufacturing industries, who are under immense time and cost pressures, we’ve invested heavily in creating the new Smart Packaging Centre to address this. The result is the ultimate one-stop-shop, where businesses can have all their packaging needs taken care of under one roof – making the process of creating and adapting bespoke packaging quicker and easier than ever before.

“By hand-picking the latest innovations and machinery in packaging, we have drastically cut the time it takes to design, manufacture and test packaging. Whatever the customer need or challenge we can create the best solution to suit, ultimately providing a full end-to-end service in just a few hours, including live sample creation. We look forward to welcoming all our customers, new and existing, to take advantage of this fantastic facility.”

The Smart Packaging Centre is part of Antalis’ European network of design facilities, which currently includes 15 packaging designers spread across a number of dedicated labs in France, Poland and Germany, all sharing their expertise and experience.